Agora Online Charter CMS Masterclass

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This page will serve as your guide to the CMS Masterclass. Please check it regularly, as it will be updated in the coming weeks.


Step 1: Preparation

Here are two web sites you can study at home that will help you prepare:

  • The Particle Adventure - each of you should follow a path in this award-winning website to report what you have learned to each other and to generate questions for your conversation with a physicist (below).
  • The CMS Masterclass website - study the home page (nice videos!) and the WZH path page, since that is what you will do.

Meeting as a class online, you can follow up on the Particle Adventure and then have a conversation with a particle physicist by Vidyo.

Challenge yourself:

  • Mass Calc Z, in which you use vector addition, conservation of energy, and conservation of momentum along with a little Einstein to figure the mass of the Z boson, a particle so short-lived that we cannot detect it directly. (We can detect the particles into which it decays...and that is our hook.) 
  • Top Quark Mass, which is similar to Mass Calc Z but enables you to find the mass of the even more elusive top quark.


Step 2: Begin

We will hold a 1-2 sessions online from between 9 am to 2 pm ET as part of the science education forum at Notre Dame on March 1.  The highlights for the Agora group:

  • Presentation and practice to analyze actual CMS data yourself
  • Tour of Notre Dame particle accelerators - we'll see if we can make this a live Vidyo event

Watch this space for more details!


Step 3: Analyze Data at Home

After Step 2, you will have what you need to analyze the data online from home. You can do a little every day or get it all done in one sitting: you have 100 CMS events to analyze before March 15. 


Step 4: Masterclass Videoconferences 

On Saturday March 15, we will connect on Vidyo twice. Here is your tentative agenda:

02:00 pm   discuss results and generate 1-2 questions about results from Buffalo

03:30 pm   masterclass videoconference (login 15 min early)


Who ya gonna call? Contacts:

Ken Cecire

Dan Karmgard