Friday Flyer - February 20, 2015

Spotlight on the University of Oregon Center: The center in Eugene, Oregon is near the Laser Interfermoter Gravitational Observatory (LIGO). In previous years, teachers have gone to visit the laboratory. This year, the laboratory came to them! Dale Ingram visited from the observatory. He brought several classrooom activities to the center's annual meeting in June. After watching and discussing a video about the observatory, the Oregon QuarkNet teachers built desktop intereferometers, analyzed LIGO data and discussed ways to introduce the topics in their classrooms. Later in the week, the teachers connected with their mentors via a video-link to CERN. UO physicists David Strom and Eric Torrence were at ATLAS during the QuarkNet week and connected to the meeting from their workstations in the ATLAS control room. The group rounded out the week with talks from other UO faculty and discussions of what did and didn't work in their classrooms during the previous year. This was the thirteenth Oregon summer workshop. 

Physics Experiment Roundup: The LHC's Next Big Mystery (from AIP Scitation, AAPT The Physics Teacher)

QuarkNet Staff Teachers:
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