Friday Flyer - February 6, 2015

Spotlight on Florida State University: The FSU QuarkNet Center was in QuarkNet's inaugural class; they've been active since 1999. Horst Wahl is the mentor. The group started by sending two teachers to Fermilab to work on DØ. They now receive support from USCMS and send teachers to work at CMS during summer months. In addition to this ongoing, active research work, they meet for one week during the summer to discuss topics that range from recent research findings to teaching physics. They have also been very active in a local, monthly effort called TeachMeet Tally. These regular meetings feature QuarkNet teachersand othersmeeting to discuss teaching. Some attendees agree to give short talks (3-7 minutes) about "strategies or lessons that have been used in the classroom." You can learn more here:

Physics in a Nutshell: The universe takes sides in Fermilab Today. Restarting the Large hadron Collider - Spend an hour with Alan Boyle & Don Lincoln on - the show is archived on the website and on iTunes.

Resources: - CRAYFIS, cosmic rays found in smartphones, is a different approach to cosmic rays.

Just for Fun: Was sent this cartoon about matter, which I found online at KGB Report.

QuarkNet Staff Teachers:
Ken Cecire:
Tom Jordan:
Bob Peterson: