Friday Flyer - January 23, 2015

Spotlight on IMW: QuarkNet and the e-Lab Fellows invite you to join the 4th Annual International Muon Week (IMW). It’s all about capturing cosmic ray data for one week with as many detectors on the air as possible. The dates are February 9–13 2015. International Muon Week 2015 participants share data worldwide. By sharing data in this way, we are developing a detector research community and connecting students around the world. Participants collect and analyze data and share results on a Google map. We pair schools to facilitate student discussion. We encourage students to ask questions about shared data and how other schools participate in our cosmic ray studies community. Join us in the fourth annual International Muon Week! If interested, go to and follow the Contact Form link.

Resources: Superstrings video from Don Lincoln

Just for Fun: Don Dean sent this video and a news story (made by one of the Buffalo center teachers who was a Hollywood film editor) about their Physics Olympics.

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