Friday Flyer - January 30, 2015

Spotlight on the University of Cincinnati: Interested in cosmic ray studies? Interested in research at CERN? Don't want to decide between them? Then you'd feel at home in the UC center, where they "do it all" and pretty well at that. Last year, UC lead teacher Jeff Rodriguez advised a group of his students for the CERN beamline for schools competition. Out of hundreds of entries, they were one of 16 groups worldwide, which was "highly commended," just one step below winning outright. (Check out their video.) Last summer, six teachers learned to use the EQUIP interface to the DAQ in the summer workshop while a team of four students and one teacher did summer research anlayzing LHCb data. The UC center is a long-time participant in International Masterclasses and is one of the few masterclass institutes in the U.S. that does the LHCb measurementThey are signed up for this year as well. And Jeff was at CERN last November to give a presentation on International Muon Week. (Read about it.) Oh . . . right, International Muon Week. Have you signed up for it yet? Well, you still can.

News from QuarkNet Center: Calling in idle detectors for maintenance. Not planning to use your cosmic ray detector anymore? Contact Dave Hoppert for directions to send it back to Fermilab. We pay the shipping!

It's back: QuarkNet an der Elbe

Resources: Don Lincoln video on "GUTs and TOEs"

Just for Fun: A map of physics, circa 1939. It prints well on 8.5" x 11" paper.

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