Friday Flyer - March 20, 2015

News from QuarkNet Central: QuarkNet is preparing workshops that introduce the methodologies of "teaching with data" to local centers. We call these Data Workshops. We have created several classroom-ready activities that expose students to data analysis and help them to develop the skills necessary to draw conclusions based on evidence. Many of the activities use data from the LHC. Teachers explore these activities in the workshop and have ample opportunity to discuss how they might use the activities in their classrooms. We provide a workshop facilitator prepared to lead your local teachers. Please let Ken and Tom know if you are interested. (Draft, sample agenda)

Physics Experiment Roundup: Two references to muons as probes to find uranium debris in Fukushima reactors: Muons probe Fukushima's ruins from Science, March 6, 2015 and Particle physics to aid nuclear cleanup from Symmetry, August 2014

Resources: Not just for smart dead guys - A high-school physics teacher and his students recreate Henry Cavendish's famous gravity experiment. From Phyiscs Today

Just for Fun: Cute animation about Einstein's most famous equation from Symmetry. Sorry we missed his birthday on the 14th.

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