Friday Flyer March 6, 2015

Spotlight on Wayne State University: Wayne State University has a small but thriving QuarkNet center located in the heart of Detroit. Engagement with the community is an important aspect of their programs. Each summer, mentors Rob Harr and Gil Paz bring 12 students to campus for research with QuarkNet teachers using cosmic ray detectors. During the academic year, the mentors and teachers work with local physics teachers in the Detroit Metro Area Physics Teachers group. In the past year, the focus has been on the CMS e-Lab.

Physics Experiment Roundup: The Majorano Mysteriesfrom SURF 

Scientists may have solved mystery of matter's originfrom the Washington Post
LHC Restart: 'We want to break physics'from BBC News - Science and Environment

Just for Fun: Godzilla Hotel opening in Tokyo. Why do we care? 'Cause he has particle beam breath! See The Biology of Godzilla from the movie website.

QuarkNet Staff Teachers:
Ken Cecire:
Tom Jordan:
Bob Peterson: