Friday Flyer - October 10, 2014

Spotlight on LBNL: Particle physics? Check. Cosmology and astrophysics? Check. Awesome view of San Francisco Bay? Check again. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory QuarkNet Center does things a little differently. This summer they had a one-week workshop with 13 teachers and 41 students from all around the Bay Area. Physicists gave great presentations, but so did QuarkNet teachers—they had a prominent role. The students and teachers also did an ATLAS data activity and did experiments with cosmic ray detectors. It was all organized by QuarkNet teacher Laurie Kerrigan and powered by mentors Tony Spadafora and Eric Linder. It was quite a workshop.

News from QuarkNet Central: Registration for Spring Masterclasses is now open. Our friend Ken keeps us updated on his adventure in this week's QuarkNet an der Elbe. Those blue, blinky lights on the QuarkNet cosmic ray muon detector are LEDs. You may have heard about blue LEDs this week.

Radioactive decay rates don't depend on the distance between Earth and Sun. Really.
Fermilab's new experiment has a theme song.

Just for Fun: Apparently some journalists grok science better than others.

QuarkNet Staff Teachers:
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