Friday Flyer - September 19, 2014

Spotlight on the Vanderbilt University Center: The center has always been very active in the cosmic ray program. This was a year of adjustment in three areas: Bill Gabela took over as lead mentor with Med Webster still active but stepping more into the background; a general need for updating the e-Lab; and the new opportunities afforded by EQUIP and data blessing. This made for an exciting summer session, with a full cosmic workshop by Bob Peterson, visits to the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory and the Arnold Engineering Center, talks to keep everyone in the CMS loop, and cosmic ray experiments. (Have a look.)

News from QuarkNet Central: Announcing our new Data Portfolio live on /
The website organizes some of your favorite activities by data strand--Cosmic, LHC, LIGO--and level of student engagement. Designed with input from the fellows, we expect this website to make it easier for you to select activities that offer a learning experience of an appropriate length and level for your students. We include links to masterclasses, Level 2, and e-Labs, Level 3; when you are logged in, you can leave comments about how you have used the activities, suggestions for others, etc. You will find the Data Portfolio on the gray navigation bar. Check it out!

Resources: Sign up for virtual tours at CERN.
ATLAS: Go to "Contact" in lower-left corner.

Just for Fun: Shortest-known abstract for serious scientific paper: only 2 words

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