Friday Flyer - September 5, 2014

Spotlight on the Johns Hopkins Center: 

The QuarkNet Center at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) had a very full summer 2014. They hosted a workshop for teachers and brought on summer research students. One of the teachers (Kevin Martz) attended a three-week teacher workshop at CERN and brought his excitement back to share with his colleagues at JHU.

The annual five-day workshop included morning talks and afternoon lab time. The talks ranged in topic from "An Introduction to Particle Physics" to "Diversity Challenges in Physics" with several other topics in between. Teachers spent the afternoons constructing and testing a classroom device used to measure the photoelectric effect.
Student research included topics that measured properties of cosmic rays, analysis of CMS data and the accelerating expansion of the universe. The students worked for six weeks and chose one or several topics of interest.
Kevin Martz joined 53 other science teachers for CERN's annual High School Teachers Programme ( They joined tours, attended lectures and formed working groups to explore particle physics and its transfer to the classroom.

Physics Experiment Roundup: The LHCb collaboration announced a result that hints of new physics.

Resources: 10 reasons why you can’t live without a particle accelerator
From the Nautilus website:

Just for Fun: Win a trip to CERN: US LHC video contest
Stay tuned! As a way to advertise the restart of the LHC experiments, the US LHC collaboration plans to hold a video contest this fall: “What do you hope the LHC experiments will discover next?” The winner will be flown to CERN.

QuarkNet Staff Teachers
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