iLED 2013 at the Notre Dame QuarkNet Center

QuarkNet Center at Notre Dame, July 18-19, 2013, 1:30-4:30 pm

Group A participates in the Masterclass program on July 18 and the Cosmic program on July 19. Group B has the reverse schedule. This agenda is subject to modification.   



Masterclass (Team 1 A 7/18, Group B 7/19)

1:30 pm     Tour

1:40 pm     Introduction to CMS science

2:30 pm     Data  measurement

3:00 pm     Break and discussion

3:15 pm     Finish  data measurement

3:45 pm     Discussion of mass plot results

4:00 pm     Extension activity and/or wrap-up

4:30 pm     End for day

Cosmic (Team 2 7/18, Group A 7/19)

1:30 pm     Solar viewing

1:40 pm     Introduction to Cosmic Rays

2:00 pm     Detector Construction

2:30 pm     Test detector and adjust

3:00 pm     Experiments

3:45 pm     Analysis/Upload

4:15 pm     Discussion, including summer research

4:30 pm     End for day




Cosmic Rays