LHC Fellows Workshops Annotated Guide

The QuarkNet LHC fellows offer several workshops related to using experimental data from CERN with students and teachers. Choose the workshop title to link to further information.


Summer Workshops 

Data Workshop – ATLAS and CMS Versions (1-2 days): Introductory activities and data  analysis introduce teachers to ATLAS or CMS physics. Teachers do LHC-related classroom activities and masterclass measurements for classroom investigations. They learn about LHC data analysis, how the detectors work, and the significance of what they are detecting. 
CMS e-Lab Workshop (2 days): Teachers learn to facilitate student investigations using CMS data in the e-Lab environment. They learn the functions and scaffolding of the e-Lab before undertaking their own investigations, which culminate in an online poster.
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January-March Workshops
Masterclass Orientation (3-6 hours): Teachers/mentors learn to offer masterclasses for the first time or have a thorough refresher. Participants experience hands-on prep activities, masterclass data analysis and discuss the mechanics of running a masterclass. The workshop includes a Vidyo test.
Masterclass Orientation Update (1-3 hours via Vidyo): Teachers/mentors experienced in facilitating masterclasses get an update on measurements, methods and organization and test  their Vidyo link.
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