Pressure eLab Activity

Students will perform a search of the data to determine whether or not there is a relationship between the atmospheric pressure and the flux.  This activity will enable students to become proficient at looking at data and performing flux studies.  Students will report their results using a poster on the eLab site and then present their findings to the class.
Minnesota State Science Standards: - Understand that scientists conduct investigations for a variety of reasons, including: to discover new aspects of the natural world, to explain observed phenomena, to test the conclusions of prior investigations, or to test the predictions of current theories. - Formulate a testable hypothesis, design and conduct an experiment to test the hypothesis, analyze the data, consider alternative explanations and draw conclusions supported by evidence from the investigation. - Evaluate the explanations proposed by others by examining and comparing evidence, identifying faulty reasoning, pointing out statements that go beyond the scientifically acceptable evidence, and suggesting alternative scientific explanations. - Identify the critical assumptions and logic used in a line of reasoning to judge the validity of a claim. - Analyze possible careers in science and engineering in terms of education requirements, working practices and rewards. - Communicate, justify and defend the procedures and results of a scientific inquiry or engineering design project using verbal, graphic, quantitative, virtual or written means. - Select and use appropriate numeric, symbolic, pictorial, or graphical representation to communicate scientific ideas, procedures and experimental results. - Relate the reliability of data to consistency of results, identify sources of error, and suggest ways to improve data collection and analysis.
The student will collect the raw data from cosmic ray detectors throughout the country.
The student will create a plot of the pressure data vs. the trigger rate for at least one detector.
The student will report their results to their classmates and defend their conclusions using evidence they have collected.
Students must be capable of using a spreadsheet program (MS Word)
Students must be familiar
Students will create a poster on the eLab site.
Students will present the poster to the class and be required to defend their claims.