Reflections on CMS Data Workshop at Rutgers 7/8-7/9/13


I thought the overview was a bit over the heads of the students and made the students uncomfortable.  At this point some students might have been frustrated because they were looking forward to a two week program in which they would feel lost.  As the week unfolded, this was addressed.


Rolling with Rutherford

A great way to approach the concept of measuring something indirectly.  The statistical nature of the outcome and ensuing class discussion were key.


Calculate the Z-mass

In the past I have tried using the Top Quark measurement with my class as a review of momentum and vectors.  This is more direct and less onerous. I will be using this in the upcoming school year.


Fermilab Virtual Visit

This was very helpful for the programs.  The students were highly engaged.


CMS W/Z measurement

This was a great activity the really gave the students an overview of the particle physics process.  I need to get the tools to allow me to run this in my class..