2016 Abstract from Keshav

art ​  Visualization Using ParaView    Keshav Kapoor (Naperville Central High School)   ​Dr. Adam Lyon (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   
  The purpose of this project is to create a real time visualization of the data that is produced from  the ​art ​  event framework created by the Fermilab Scientific Computing division. to check the  geometry of the experiment as well as preparing ​art ​  to be used with High Performance  Computing (HPC). To accomplish this task we will be using a visualization tool called ParaView  which was created by Kitware, Los Alamos National Lab, and Sandia National Lab. We already  have a pipeline between the ​art  ​ framework and paraview which allows us to display simple  objects as they are created. This pipeline was written in python and I will be converting it into  C++ as to keep it constant with the rest of the ​art ​  framework. This will hopefully give  experiments a tool they can use to check their reconstruction algorithms and detector designs.