Cosmic Ray Workshop at Hillside School, Addis Ababa

22-23 August, 2016

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  • Each teacher is able to use the cosmic ray detector or the cosmic ray e-Lab in a simple activity with students.
  • Teachers can plan and do cosmic ray research with students.
  • Teachers begin a plan for continued work together.



Monday 22 August Tuesday 23 August

11:00     Welcome and Registration

11:15      Introduction to Cosmic Rays (Dr. Tilahun Tesfaye)

12:00      Lunch

13:00      Cosmic Ray Detector demonstration

14:00      Brief introduction to the Cosmic Ray e-Lab

15:00      New Detector construction and commisioning

17:00      Set up detector for special overnight data-taking

17:30      Reflections on the day

17:45      close for day



11:00       Muon lifetime activity (plots)

11:30       Detector performance check

  • look at rates and time-over-threshold in EQUIP
  • adjust voltages
  • start new data run

12:00       Lunch

13:00       Upload and analyze data

  • Performance and rates
  • Flux
  • Lifetime analysis <-- complete lifetime activity

13:30        Review posters in Cosmic Ray e-Lab

14:00        Research

  • Create projects in small groups
  • Begin research

15:30        Create posters

16:00        Poster presentations

16:30        Discussion

  • Using detector and e-Lab
  • Support
  • Technical or organizational questions

17:00        Reflection and Evaluation

17:15        Final data uploads, pack up detectors

17:30        end of workshop



Most resources you need are found in the Cosmic Ray e-Lab.

Follow the path Student Home > Library > Resources.

Here are a few addtional resources:




How to download and install EQUIP

  1. Go to Cosmic Ray e-Lab
  2. Go to Student Home; log with your credentials or as a guest
  3. Go to Library and then Resources
  4. Find link under CRMD Data Collection and follow
  5. Download EQUiP and uncompress
  6. Read README

How to download and install USB-UART adapter software

  1. Go to Silicon Labs CP-210x page
  2. Find OS for youir computer and choose download link
  3. Install