Create and Edit a Document or Page

 "Welcome to this editing lesson on the QuarkNet site," said the Eurasian coot. The coot continued...


Follow along as I create a document in the QuarkNet site.  The steps to create a page are similar.

1. Go to your group.

This group is "How to...", and here is how I found it:


and then choose the group by clicking on it:


2.  Click on the Document link in the "Add Content" box.


3.  Using the controls at the top of the document Body, one can write and edit pretty much like in a word processor.  Alternatively, by clicking 'Source', one can use HTML directly.

a.)  FONT:  Make text bold, colorizeditalicized, or underlinedOne can even strike through it.


Justify to the left, or

center, or

to the right.


  • Justify to the left, or
  • center, or
  • to the right.


  1. To create a link, type some text - in this instance, about CERN.
  2. Highlight that text (CERN, in this case).
  3. Choose the link icon at the top.
  4. Put in a URL and choose OK....viola!


First click on the link icon.

Then fill in the URL in the pop-up box, and click OK.

Now, we have a link to CERN. 

f.)  TABLE:  

First click on the table icon.

In the pop-up, choose 3 rows, 4 columns, 1st row as header, border 1, cellpadding 1, cell spacing 1, width 600:

We get this after filling in the table with some content:


4.  Finally, choose the Save button at the bottom.  The document will be in the group.


Have questions? E-mail the coot.

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