Virginia Tech QuarkNet Center 2015 Activity Report

The Virginia Tech QuarkNet Center currently has 1 active high school teacher, and is actively recruiting additional participants. Our lead teacher is Rebecca Jaronski.

Rebecca participated in research at Virginia Tech during June and July, and attended Data Camp at FNAL, July 20-24. For her research at VT, Rebecca worked with Professor Camillo Mariani to build a small cosmic ray detector. She used the detector to take background cosmic readings, and then used it to calibrate an ongoing research experiment in VT’s High Energy Physics Lab. While at Data Camp, Rebecca used data from CERN to calculate the mass of the Z0 Boson.

This fall Rebecca is looking forward to attending a cosmic ray detector workshop in St. Louis in order to run a QuarkNet detector with her students.

Equipment setup in the High Energy Physics Lab                           Rebecca at FNAL