ATLAS Masterclass Orientation Update Outline

Tiny URL for this page:

Hypatia web display is unchanged. Remind mentors and teachers that it needs to be installed on each machine the students will use thus:

Run through some events together in Hypatia. Be sure to save results by choosing File > Export Invariant Masses in the Invariant Mass Window.

Upload and examine results:

  • Go to OPlot at sure you use the "US" version. 
  • Log in as a student, find an appropriate day, and upload the data. For orientations, you can use 2016-Jan-01.
  • Go through some of the plots to reminnd those present.
  • OPloT currently needs updating.



Vidyo check:

  • Audio - most important
  • Video
  • Share desktop, be sure they can read it
  • Remind users that they should mute when not broadcasting, log in 15 min before videocon