Speed of a Muon

Using detector ID 6865, beginning Tues May 17th and ending Wed May 25th, 2016 at Medford High School in Medford, MA students collected data with various seperation distances between counters 1 and 4.  Counters 2 and 3 were also used to provide a four fold  coincidence.  

When you are searching for the data make sure you unselect the blessed option under the advanced search.  The distances between the counters can be found in the comments section of each data file.

Check out the full poster  :https://www.i2u2.org/elab/cosmic/posters/display.jsp?name=speed_of_a_muon-cosmic-cosmiccrab-michael_wadness-medford_high_school-medford-ma-2016.0525.data


When plotting time of flight between counters 1 and 4 on the y-axis and the seperation between counters 1 and 4 on the x-axis the slope gives you the inverse of the speed of the muons.  See graph below or click here for a better view /sites/default/files/tof_data.jpg