How to find a QuarkNet center group

You've heard they are doing great work in the QuarkNet center across the state line. You want to look up their group on the QuarkNet site to read all about it. But how?
Almost all centers are listed by their formal names - e.g. Notre Dame QuarkNet Center or University of Kansas QuarkNet Center. (Non-standard names: Boston Area Center, HU-WM-GMU (for Virginia univeresities), UPRM (for Puerto Rico).
To find one:
  1. Log into the QuarkNet site.
  2. Select All Groups under Groups.
  3. A text box appears under All Groups title.  Type in one of the words in the name (if you type Kansas, you can choose University of Kansas or Kansas State, for example).
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Choose the center you want from the list that appears.
  • To see the whole list, just click 'Next' to go to all the pages.
  • To arrange alphabetically, click on the word next to 'Title' in the list header.

H/T: Marge Bardeen.

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