Cosmic Ray Workshop in St. Louis

December 12, 2015

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  • Parkway North High School detector construction, Friday 11 Decemember, 09:00 CT
  • Fort Zumwalt North High School detector construction, Friday 11 December, 13:30 CT



09:00     Greetings and Registration

09:15     Set up detectors, connect to computers using EQUIP, set voltages and rates, calibrate

10:45     Break

11:00     Start taking data; explore Cosmic Ray e-Lab (studen group registration, milestones)

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Upload Data; BLESSING and PERF in CR e-Lab

14:00     Explore posters in e-Lab; design an investigation

14:45     Break

15:00     Investigation and poster creation

17:00     Discussion of longer-term investigations; use of detector in school; planning

18:00     end of workshop



Most resources you need are found in the Cosmic Ray e-Lab uunder Student Home > Library > Resources. Here are a few addtional resources:



How to download and install EQUIP:

  1. Go to Cosmic Ray e-Lab
  2. Go to Student Home; log with your credentials or as a guest
  3. Go to Library and then Resources
  4. Find link under CRMD Data Collection and follow
  5. Download EQUiP and uncompress
  6. Read README

How to download and install USB-UART adapter software:

  1. Go to Silicon Labs CP-210x page
  2. Find OS for youir computer and choose download link
  3. Install