COSMICA Workshops 2018

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CMS Outreach and Science for Masterclass Institutes Collaborating in the Americas (COSMICA) is a program to grow collaboration between particle physics groups and physics teacher groups at the University of Notre Dame and several institutions in Mexico, led by Universidad Iberoamericana (“Ibero”) in Mexico City and Universidad de Colima in Colima. The program in 2018 will focus on collaboration in:

  • Particle physics theory and phenomenology
  • The CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
  • Outreach and education through International Masterclasses in physics
  • Outreach and education through cosmic ray studies.



Schedule, November 2018

Datos y Horas Actividad Locación
Mon 5 Nov,  16:00-18:00

Particle Physics Seminar (M. Hilldreth et al)

Students and faculty of Universidad Iberoamericana

Tue 6 Nov, 16:00-18:00

Workshop for World Wide Data Day

High School teachers and students from Mexico City and Queretaro state

Wed 7 Nov, 16:00-18:00

Workshop for World Wide Data Day

High School teachers and students from Puebla

Fri 9 Nov, 09:00-12:00

Workshop for World Wide Data Day

High School teachers and students from Colima

Sat 10 Nov, 09:00-16:00

Cosmic Ray Workshop for teachers

Ibero y Prepa Ibero



Schedule, January 2018

Additional research collaboration will take place at Universidad de Colima, 8-18 January in the Dual CP Institute of High Energy Physics.

Date and Times Activity Location
Thu 11 Jan,   14:00-18:00 CMS masterclass at school (1) - Prepa Ibero and Thomas Alva Edison Ibero
Fri 12 Jan,     09:00-16:00 CMS research workshop (2) Ibero
Sat 13 Jan,    09:00-10:00
breakfast reception for physicists and teachers (3)
CMS masterclass for teachers (4)
Sun 14 Jan day off  
Mon 15 Jan,  08:00-12:00 CMS masterclass at school - Prepa 5 Prepa 5
Tue 16 Jan travel  
Wed 17 Jan,   09:00-16:00 CMS data workshop for teachers 1 (5) Colima
Thu 18 Jan,    08:00-12:00 CMS data sorkshop for teachers 2 Colima
Fri 19 Jan travel  
Sat 20 Jan,    09:00-16:00 Cosmic ray workshop for teachers (6) - Prepa Ibero, Prepa 5 (UNAM) and Thomas Alva Edison Ibero


  1. CMS masterclass at school is a short workshop that QuarkNet physics educators and particle physicists bring to Mexico City high schools that enable students to learn about particle physics and analyze real data from the CMS experiment at CERN.
  2. CMS research workshop is an event in which experimental particle physicists from ND, Ibero, and other institutions can inform each other about their research programs and involvement in the CMS experiment and discuss possible avenues of collaboration.
  3. The reception is an informal get-together for high school physics teachers and particle physicists.
  4. CMS masterclass for teachers is a chance for teachers to learn the data analysis students do in CMS international masterclasses as well as engage in some preparatory activities that they can do with their students.
  5. CMS data workshop for teachers is a similar to #4 above but has more activities and goes more in-dpeth over two days.
  6. Cosmic ray workshop for teachers uses the QuarkNet cosmic ray detector at Ibero as well as the QuarkNet cosmic ray e-Lab for a select group of teachers who will lead their top students in cosmic ray research