QuarkNet program for AAPT Summer Meeting 2015

Suggested activities for Monday July 27:

Time Activity Location









On your own (see HS Teacher Day agenda)

Zitzewitz Award - Gillian Winters, Brookhaven-Stony Brook QuarkNet center

lunch (if first time, you can go to AAPT special lunch)

Session: LHC in the Classroom (several speakers from QuarkNet)

Afternoon break

QuarkNet pizza and chat

Meeting of Committee on Physics in High Schools

Plenary Talk - Jim Gates, Is SUSY the Guardian of our Reality from Oblivion?

Watch this video for a little prep.


SSU - Hoff Theater


SSU - Atrium

SSU - Charles Carroll A

Physical Sceinces Lobby (see map)

SSU - Atrium

SSU - Hoff Theatre


QuarkNet member presentations:

  • Session AD, Mechanics Modeling meets the new AP Physics 1, organized by Jon Anderson, Monday 08:30 
  • Talk BE01, LHC Masterclass: A Culminating Activity for Teaching Particle Physics, by Jeremy Smith, Monday 14:00
  • Talk BE02, Teaching Particle Physics with LHC Data in AP Physics, by Mike Fetsko, Monday 14:30
  • Talk BE03, A Classroom Look at the LHC, by Marla Glover, Monday 15:00
  • Talk BE05, Particle Physics: An Engaging Part of the High School Program, by Carol Polen, Monday 15:20
  • Session CB, Adapting the Teacher-in-Residence (TIR) Role to Different Contexts organized by Jon Anderson, Monday 16:00
  • Talk EL03, Extremophiles and Astrobiology: A Science-focused IB Group 4 Project, by Janet Kahn, Tuesday 13:50
  • Talk FB09, Classical Physics Learning from Analysis of Modern Physics Data, by Ken Cecire and Deborah Roudebush, Wednesday 09:50