Taking Research into Your Classroom 2016

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Taking Research into Your Classroom

July 14-15, 2016
Maximum of 20 participants
Stipend of $100 per day for full attendance
Held at Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove Campus
ISBE recertification: 12.0 PDHs

Engage with physicists from Fermilab and the CMS Experiment in a 2-day workshop to analyze data taken at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Teachers will learn and experience first hand the practices of scientists in the context of Particle Physics through activities taken and adapted from the Quarknet data portfolio. Teachers will look at actual data from the CMS experiment to re-discover some of the elementary particles: J/psi, W, Z, and the recently discovered Higgs boson. Teachers will gain an insight into the research process by seeing how the decisions they make when categorizing and analyzing the data can affect the end results, and how statistics come into play. They will gain a better appreciation of the numerous choices that need to be made in the research process and how innovation plays an important part in making discoveries.
The Quarknet activities have been developed by teachers and tested in classrooms to bring out some of the concepts covered during the workshop, like model building, analyzing and interpreting data, constructing explanations, and statistics. The activities description includes a discussion of the various NGSS science and engineering practices that are built into them. Teachers will reflect on the concepts learned and will discuss how best to adapt the material to their classrooms.
We will also have presentations from CMS physicists, and a special presentation on the first observations of gravitational waves by a LIGO physicist. A teacher from the Quarknet Program will help you bring the experience to students in your classroom.
Please send email to cheung@fnal.gov or pjindal@waubonsee.edu for more information. The 2016 workshop is now full, so we cannot take more registrations.



Participating teachers:

  • Apply introductory physics to successfully complete data investigations
  • Create, interpret and explain the meaning of data plots or representations from CMS
  • Select an activity and develop a plan to implement it with students.


Thursday 14 July 2016

08:45     Registration and coffee

09:00     Introduction: Objectives - Dr. Harry Cheung (Fermilab/CMS)

10:00     Warm-up activities: 

11:00     Particle Physics and CMS - Dr. Ben Kreis (Fermilab/CMS)

12:15     Lunch (provided)

13:00     Special Talk: Observation of Gravitiational Waves - Prof. Shane Larson (Northwestern Univ/LIGO)

14:00    J/Psi path masterclass measurement

16:15    Discussion of combined results and Wrap-up/Reflection; Bringing this to your classroom

17:00    End of Day (Homework: study Particle Adventure and About CMS, write up 3 questions on CMS or particle physics in general) 

Friday 15 July 2016

09:00   CMS WZH Measurement

11:00     Discussion of combined results and Wrap-up/Reflection; Bringing this to your classroom

12:15     Lunch (provided)

13:00     Discussion of homework

14:30     Resources and Implementation plans - Jeremy Wegner (Winnamac community High School/QuarkNet)

16:30     Evaluation and summary for NSF report

17:00     End of workshop



Workshop Location

The workshop will be in WGL201/202. The talks at 11 am and 1 pm on Thursday will be in SCI234 (1-2 min walk from WGL202). See this campus map.



Harry Cheung

Pratima Jindal

Jeremy Wegner

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