NGSS 7: Engaging in argument from evidence

TOTEM Data Express

Use quantum physics and LHC data to estimate the size of the proton.

Cosmic Rays and the Sun

Students search for a specific data file in the Cosmic Ray e-Lab and look for evidence of the passage of the sun in the flux measurements derived from this file. 

CMS Data Express

CMS Data Express is a short investigation in which students inspect and characterize W or Z events from the LHC.

CMS e-Lab

Students have an opportunity to learn how to analyze data to calibrate the CMS detector and participate in discovery science (as particle physicists do).

Rolling with Rutherford

Students use statistics to make an indirect measurement they can easily confirm.

Making it ‘Round the Bend - Qualitative

Students explore the effects of electric and magnetic fields on particles. 

Mass of U.S. Pennies

Students create and interpret a histogram of penny masses.

Cosmic Ray e-Lab

Students experience the excitement of scientific collaboration in this series of investigations into high-energy cosmic rays.

Calculate the Top Quark Mass

Students use conservation laws and vector addition to calculate the top mass from event displays.

Quark Workbench 2D/3D

Students use Standard Model rules to build hadrons and mesons from quarks.