Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Annual Report 2015

Mentors: Tony Spadafora & Alex Kim

Workshop Coordinator: Laurie Kerrigan


The LBNL Physics Division hosted its ninth “Physics In and Through Cosmology” workshop for QuarkNet Leadership teachers and high school students. The five day workshop from June 22 to June 26 was held at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab.  Ten science teachers participated. Five of the teachers have been active members of QuarkNet for five or more years. Three new teachers joined the group this year.  The QuarkNet Teachers and 42 students represented public and private high schools in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 


The first day focused on getting all participants familiar with concepts & terms in particle physics & cosmology.  This was accomplished through “mini” lectures given by returning QuarkNet teachers & two LBL researchers: Alex Kim and Danny Mittelberger.


The daily format consisted of a hands-on warm-up activity, a morning scientist talk and an afternoon talk.  Between talks, groups worked on hands-on experiments (e.g. QuarkNet acitivty lead by Ken Cecire using data from ATLAS), discussed the lecture, and toured the ALS (Advanced Light Source) and Molecular Foundry research facilities.  Groups also designed & carried out experiments with Cosmic Ray Detectors.  Each group consisted of five to six students and one teacher. 


Teachers also meet with Ken Cecire over lunch on the second day to discuss QuarkNet.