2021-2022 Annual Report from UCSC/SCIPP QuarkNet Center

This year we welcomed a new Outreach Coordinator Laura Bakken, who helped plan and participate in the QuarkNet activities. She was assisted by Len Morales-Zaragoza.

The annual Particle Physics Masterclass was held at SCIPP on March 5, 2022 as a hybrid (remote and in-person) class. We had 5 students attend in person and 2 students attend remotely over Zoom. Students used Hypatia to search for lepton and photon pairs, and they followed a lecture on special relativity by postdoc Jeff Dror. Students attending in person participated in a lab tour and cloud chamber demo with postdoc Jennifer Ott. The class ended with a videoconference with Fermilab and the LBNL Masterclass students.

For the first time, we took the BAMA activity to a local high school. A small group of graduate students and faculty visited the IB class at Scotts Valley High School to discuss ATLAS and lead the BAMA activity. This activity was very well received, and we expect to expand gradually to at least one more high school this year.


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