2021 UNM Workshop @ Explora

Saturday, September 18, 2021 or
Sunday, September 19, 2021

Small URL for page: https://tinyurl.com/nmqn2021

Location: Explora (link to map), Albuquerque, NM

Agenda (other than starting time...times are approximate)

09:00     Registration - click here
              Welcome, Introductions & Norms (From APS STEP UP program)
              What is Physics? (map & video), from Dominic Walliman and Born to Engineer
From the big....to the small
              Video Clip: The Most Astounding Fact

09:30     Activity: Particle Cards (a.k.a. Shuffling the Particle Deck)
              Video Clip: CERN in 3 (really 4) minutes

10:00     Particle Physics Talk and Q&A, Prof. Sally Seidel (ppt., pdf.)

11:00     Activity: Rolling with Rutherford

              Debrief morning activities

12:00     LUNCH - on your own

13:00    Activity: Making Tracks (slides, Making Tracks 1: student page (write-up), student record page (handout))
                  Cloud chamber demo
                  Cloud chamber video
                     Extension: The "next" particle detector historically: The bubble chamber. (Bubble chamber example event.)
             Begin prep for W2D2 (if time permits)

14:00     Behind-the-scenes tour of Explora

15:00     World Wide Data Day (W2D2) Activity (ATLAS)

16:00     Discussion: Q&A and classroom implementation

16:30     End of workshop



Sally Seidel, UNM QuarkNet mentor
Shane Wood, QuarkNet National Staff



Standard Model Chart
UNM QuarkNet Page
Powers of Ten Video (Eames, 1977)
Scale of the Universe Powers of Ten Video (Cosmic Voyage, 1996)