Add an image

You have a nice document like this one. Here is how you can add an image.

First, in Edit mode, choose the image icon:

You will get a pop-up box like this:

Do not type or paste in a URL unless it is from or i2u2. We do not want to tie up bandwidth that does not belong to us. Instead:

  1. Chosse the Upload/Browsw Server button
  2. Navigate to an image that you have saved on your machine.
  3. Choose it and then choose the UPLOAD button.
  4. Choose NEXT twice and then SAVE.
  5. There will now be a Width and Length in the box. Adjust the Width - the length will adjust automatically to keep the same proportion. (Usually, a Width of 200-600 works reasonably well but your results may vary.)
  6. Choose OK.
  7. Voila: