ATLAS Masterclass Workshop at LBNL

June 21-22, 2016


Tuesday June 21 Wednesday June 22

08:30    Greetings 

08:45    Icebreaker and Particle Cards

09:15    Quark Puzzle and Rolling with Rutherford

09:45    Break

10:00    Intro talk on ATLAS and Particle Physics I

10:30    Mass Calc Z

11:30    Intro talk on ATLAS and Particle Physics II

12:00   Lunch

QuarkNet teacher meeting:

13:00    Intro to ATLAS Masterclass measurement

13:45    ATLAS Z-path measurement

14:45    Break

15:00    Discuss results; Q&A

16:00    End of day

08:30   Greetings

08:40    ATLAS Virtual Visit

09:10    end of masterclass








Masterclass General


Getting ready for the masterclass

In general:

  • Students work in teams of two
  • We will divide the teams into Group 1 and Group 2
  • Each team will have a unique letter; thus a team might be 1A or 2C.

Installing Hypatia:

  • Create a desktop folder called "Hypatia"
  • Download Hypatia into the desktop
  • Unzip Hypatia
  • Test it by choosing Hypatia_7.4_Masterclass.jar inside the folder
  • If 4 windows open, it works!

Installing your dataset:

  • Go to the Group 1 or Group 2 page (based on your group)
  • Find your group letter in the page and choose that dataset (e.g. if you are in team 1D, fo to group 1 and download dataset D)
  • Download to the Hypatia folder; it will be a zip file but you do not need to unzip it

Starting to analyze your data

  • Open Hypatia unless it is already open
  • In the Track Momenta Window, open the "floppy disk" icon just below the top left
  • A file-opening window will appear; use it to navigate to your data in the Hypatia folder
  • Choose the dataset.

Uploading to OPlot (first you must save your results)

  • When you are done analyzing, go to the Invariant Mass Window and choose File at the top left
  • A menu appears; choose Export Invariant Masses
  • Go to OPloT
  • Find the student section and log in (we will give you the username and password)
  • Choose today's date, Berkeley, and your team number and letter; it will take you to a new screen
  • Use the "Choose File" button to find the file you saveed
  • Choose  the "Submit" button to upload it