Connecting with Vidyo

Vidyo is the videoconference system used in International Masterclasses. 

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Using a computer

Make sure your computer has

  • a robust internet connection.
  • webcam.
  • microphone (echo-canceling best, noise-canceling good).
  • speakers with enough amplification that all in your room can hear.

Connect to Vidyo meeting URL:

  • For CERN-moderated videoconferences, link directly to:
  • For Fermilab-moderated videoconferences, find links to Indico pages (coming soon); connect from Indico (see the box below).
Using Vidyo from a CERN Indico page

The QuarkNet Masterclass video conferences will access pre-arranged Vidyo sessions via Indico. Each Masterclass Institute will be given the URL to the Indico page for their video conference.


To join Vidyo:

  • Go to the provided Indico page.
  • Choose "Join Now!"

Further instructions are below.

Join the meeting:

  • If you have a CERN computer account, you can use your credentials to log in.
  • Anyone can log in as a Guest.


If your computer is connecting to Vidyo for the first time, you will be prompted to download the client. Please do so.


The Vidyo window will appear. Enjoy the meeting:


Using an H.323 (Polycom or equivalent) device

To call into a meeting, dial in the IP address of a Vidyo gateway:

  • CERN: (
  • Internet2 (Ann Arbor): (

Dial in the Vidyo Room extension followed by the # key.

For additional information, contact



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