Data Camp 2022

10-15 July 2022, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

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Camper Portal on Google Drive. 

A copy of of the portal document appears below.

Agenda in Brief

Sunday July 10

  • Evening
    • Meet staff and fellow campers
    • Registration, forms, and more
    • Discussion

Monday July 11

  • Morning
    • More paperwork
    • Hopes and Fears
    • Norms
    • Particle Physics, the LHC, the CMS Experiment (Cecilia Gerber)
  • Afternoon
    • CMS Data Work
    • Broken Squares activity
    • CMS Calibration activity
    • Tour of CMS Remote Operations Center
    • All Hands Meeting

Tuesday July 12

  • Morning
    • All Hands Meeting
    • CMS Virtual Tour
    • CMS Data Group work
  • Afternoon
    • SiDet tour
    • CMS Data Group work
    • All Hands Meeting

Wednesday July 13

  • Morning
    • All Hands Meeting
    • Final CMS Data Group work
    • CMS Date Group presentations
  • Afternoon
  • New group assignments
  • Data Activities Portfolio work
  • All Hands Meeting
  • Muon g-2 (C. Polly) with tour of facility

Thursday July 14

  • Morning
    • All Hands Meeting
    • Data Activities Portfolio work
  • Afternoon
    • Industrial Center Building (ICB) tour
    • Data Activities Portfolio work
    • Work on Implementation Plans

Friday July 15

  • Morning
    • All Hands Meeting
    • Group work
  • Afternoon
    • Final presentations
    • Leadership at your home QuakrNet center and school
    • Final discussions




2022 Quarknet Data Camp

Welcome!  This is your portal for the Data Camp 2022 where we will be putting a lot of useful information about planning, scheduling and activities. Quick Link:

2022 Teaching & Learning Fellows for Data Camp

Jeremy Smith, Baltimore, MD (Johns Hopkins)

(443) 834-9406


Joy Breman, Tallahassee, FL (Florida State)

(850) 363-1379


Jodi Hansen, Worthington, MN (U of Minnesota)

(507) 360-1305


Peter Apps, Rochester, NY (U of Rochester)

(585) 813-8198

2022 Data Campers




Quarknet Center

Long Survey Done?

Megan Alvord

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

virtual (North Carolina)


Eric Apfel

Wekiva HS

Central Florida


Kâfiye Atay




Shelley Bullard

South Creek Middle School

Central Florida


Leslie Davis

Jones High School

Central Florida


Christopher Doscher

Churchill HIgh School




Craig Dowler

West Genesee

Syracuse University


Colin Elliott

Convent & Stuart Hall Schools of the Sacred Heart - San Francisco



Karin Foss

Wayzata High School



Gary Johnson

Bellaire HS



Brie Logan

21st Century Public Academy

University of New Mexico


Mark McConnell

Mountain Vista High School, Highlands Ranch CO

Colorado State University


Maajida Murdock

Randallstown High School



Miki Ohtsuka

Waseda Honjo Senior High School, Japan

Notre Dame


Tom Owen

Volcano Vista High School

New Mexico


Vandana Raghuvanshi

East Aurora High School



Carlos Ramirez

Public Academy for Performing Arts

University of New Mexico


Jennifer Santana

Heritage High School

Central Florida


Griffin Stover

Saint Joseph high school

Notre Dame


Janice Valletta

Capuchino High School



Nick Vanderpool

Astor Collegiate Academy



Patrick Yim

Leilehua High School

Univ. of Hawaii



Before/As you arrive



  • Hotel: rooms have a refrigerator, cooktop, microwave and dishwasher, so you can buy and cook groceries to your heart’s content!

  • Hyatt House offers complimentary hot breakfast in the lobby every morning. 

  • Here’s a list of nearby restaurants, of which some deliver. Lots of great places in downtown Naperville also, including Thai, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Persian and more!

  • The Fermilab cafeteria in Wilson Hall (map) has a wider breakfast selection cooked to order at reasonable prices. We’ll go to the Fermilab cafeteria for lunch each day: weekly menu. Feel free to pack your lunch instead. If you do want to eat in the cafeteria, we recommend you download the app, so your food can be ready sooner.

  • Building 327 (where we’ll be M-F) has a refrigerator and microwave (map to 327 and photo of the complex).

  • Remember, you will receive a per diem of $48 (partial for your travel days) and there is no need to save your food receipts.




Sunday, July 10

All day

Check in at the hotel (map and hotel website)

Hyatt House  Chicago/Naperville/Warrenville

27554 Maecliff Drive

Warrenville IL 60555


7 - 9 PM

Meet campers and Quarknet Fellows in the hotel lobby anytime between 7-9PM for an introductory activity (~1 hour) and bring your laptop (if you brought one).

  • Loaner Laptop Distribution

  • Register officially for the workshop. If you do not yet have a Quarknet account, this registration will notify the QN staff that you need one.Activity: That’s How We Roll

  • If you’d like to access the eLabs, request an eLab account here

  • Tell us your Google account name here (meaning the email address you use to sign in to Google). We will use this to share our Google Drive camp folder with you, so that you can easily access and create files.

    • If you don’t have one already, create one here

  • Emergency contact info (form).

  • Bring closed-toe shoes tomorrow for the tour.

  • Complete the Fermilab Attestation Form regarding COVID Vaccination or negative test (within 72 hours of arrival) to carry on your person when we are at the lab.  We have paper copies of these. Click here for  information about what to do if you start having COVID symptoms during your time here.



Monday, July 11

(bring closed-toe shoes for the day’s tour)

7:30 - 8:00

Eat breakfast and then look downward to check whether you are wearing closed-toe shoes.


Meet in hotel lobby to prep ride arrangements


Depart hotel lobby for carpool to Fermilab’s Wilson Hall (map). A few minutes after entering the lab campus, look for the herd of bison to your right.

8:30 - 9:45

(Curia II, Wilson Hall 2nd floor SW)

Welcome (Jeremy & Spencer)

Paperwork (Peter)

  • Sign-in sheets

  • If you do not already have an account at, tell Jeremy and he can create one for you. Once you have an account, here’s a guide for setting up your own profile.

  • Register for this workshop if you haven’t already.

  • Emergency procedures and emergency contact form

  • Tell us your Google account name here (meaning the email address you use to sign in to Google). We will use this to share our Google Drive camp folder with you, so that you can easily access and create files.

    • If you don’t have one already, create one here

Hopes and fears survey (Joy)

  • View the responses here

  • Hopes & Fears Word Clouds

Group norms (Jodi)

10:00 - 11:45

Talk: Cecilia Gerber - Particle Physics, the LHC, the CMS Experiment (link HERE)

(Curia II, Wilson Hall 2nd floor SW).

11:50 - 12:40

Lunch (Wilson Hall cafeteria)

12:45 - 3:15

CMS Data Group work time (map to building 327)--caravan will leave Wilson at 12:40

Large Group - Follow up: Lingering questions from Cecilia’s talk

Find your group - Feynman Diagrams

Broken Squares Activity (You will need to download to view it properly)

Activity: CMS Calibration


Tour: meet at the front of the Wilson atrium for a tour of the CMS Remote Operations Center (ROC) and LINAC

4:45 - 5:00

All Hands meeting (327)

Daily feedback and reflection


Tuesday, July 12

(bring closed-toe shoes for the day’s tour)

8:30 - 9:00

All Hands meeting (Wilson Hall 8th Floor) (driving directions)


Here is a cool downloadable video showing some of the hardware in the LHC! (youtube link here)


CERN virtual tour  (Wilson Hall 8th Floor) hosted by Dr. Lesya Horyn

Indico page 

Want to see the live web page showing LHC status? Click here!

Cool video showing some of the LHC parts and process - feel free to download and use it!

10:30 - 1:15  

CMS Data Group work time (Wilson Hall cafeteria) - once your group finishes the milestone seminar, make sure you have shared your google account info with us (above, if you didn’t already on Sun or Mon) to give us so that we can share the full dataset with you. You should take some time to order and eat some lunch during this time.

1:30 - 2:30

SiDet Tour

Meet your car group by 1:15 to drive northeast along Discovery Rd (directly away from the front of Wilson Hall). When you reach Eola Rd (at the bottom right corner of 4B on this map, you’ll see a strange looking geodesic dome to your right.


 Park in any of the parking lots, then make your way to the large central yard housing the bubble chamber.


2:30 - 4:45

CMS Data Group work time (327) - once your group finishes the milestone seminar, make sure you have given us your account info so that we can share the full dataset with you.

4:45 - 5:00

All Hands meeting (327)

  • Expectations / timeline for presentations

  • Shared drive: photos folder, shared lessons & resources, presentations, etc can all live in there

  • Tomorrow’s timeline, tight schedule

  • CER

  • Reminders: city visits, snacks, FEEDBACK (daily and otherwise)

Daily feedback and reflection


Wednesday, July 13

(bring closed-toe +shoes for the day’s tour)


All Hands meeting (Hyatt House lobby)



9:00 - 9:40








Final work session with assigned particle group 


Meet with like particle groups to share. 

  • Orange Z Breakfast area

  • Orange Y Patio

  • Orange J/Psi Bar area

  • Blue Z Reception area

  • Blue Y Conference room

  • Blue J/Psi Business center

Meet with like decay channels

  • Orange ee Bar area

  • Orange uu Reception area

  • Blue ee Business center

  • Blue uu Conference room


Planned Break! Figure out where you are going to pick up lunch on the way to the Training Center. Here are some options 

  • Popeyes: 1382 Butterfield Rd Aurora

  • Sonic: 2974 Kirk Rd

  • Panera: 2987 Kirk Rd

  • Dairy Queen: 3S071 St Rt 59 Warrenville

  • Culvers: 3S525 IL 59 Warrenville

  • Burger King: 2S551 IL 59 N 

  • McDonalds: 2S606 IL 59 Warrenville

  • Subway: 2S610 IL 59 Warrenville

Regroup to Prepare for final presentations

You can edit the existing presentation in the Google Drive shared folders to store your group’s slides, one for each decay channel

Here’s a link to the Feynman Diagrams for your decays

Ponder the reflection questions for Milestone 2 presentation found here

11:15 - 12:00

CMS Data Group Presentations (conference room)

Zoom Link for virtual folks:

  • Each “home” group prepares 3-5 slides to contribute to a single file. Three groups will contribute to the “dimuon” file and three groups will contribute to the “dielectron” file. 

  • If possible, include some thoughts about the reflection questions above. 

  • Each group will get to briefly present (<3min)


Travel time and lunch


At Training Center (we passed it on the way to SiDet yesterday on the right. It looks like a bunker)


Switch to teacher hat

New group assignments (by car group)

Two activities from the Data Portfolio

2:45 - 3:00

All hands meeting Daily feedback and reflection

Please complete this brief survey to help communicate what course(s) you are hoping to target with your implementation plan, so that you may collaborate more effectively tomorrow.


Talk and Tour: Muon g-2 with Chris Polly, project manager (327)

  • Talk in 327 first, then drive to muon campus for a tour of g-2.

  • Chris’s slides (will create link if/when he provides them)

  • Bonus Material:

    • Here are some slides from Chris Polly, the Muon g-2 project manager, and others from his colleagues:

      • Chris’s initial proposal to bring g-2 to Fermilab;

      • A very technical talk on how to make this thing happen;

      • A talk by FNAL scientist Steve Werkema summarizing the experiments on the muon campus;

      • Slides from Adam Lyon (link to the files in both Keynote and PDF - the PDF also lives in the camper resources folder here but the Keynote version preserves the animations.)

    • Adam provided a link to a simple cloud chamber design on his Github.

After 5:00

optional - trip into the city?? Jazzin’ at the Shedd Aquarium (open until 10PM)


Thursday, July 14

(bring closed-toe shoes for the day’s tour)

8:30 - 10:30

All Hands meeting (Training Center): 


Zoom Link for virtual folks:


You may peruse the survey data here so you can reach out to folks for collaboration in Affinity Groups


Affinity Group work time: group yourselves based on the survey information.

  • Try a few of the activities from the Data Portfolio with your group. We highly recommend the following if you’ve never tried them, and we have the needed materials for them:

    • Rolling with Rutherford: Roll marbles to simulate the gold foil experiment. Enter your results in this Google Form

    • Mass of the Top Quark: use historical data from Fermilab’s amazing discovery of the top quark, along with conservation of momentum in 2 dimensions and conservation of energy, to reconstruct the top quark’s mass.

    • Penny histograms: an open-ended inquiry exercise in which students use a histogram to uncover and interpret patterns in the masses of various U.S. pennies.

Here is a link to the particle cards template. Both also live in the “Resources” subfolder of “Camp Participant Resources” on the Drive.


Additional Exploration Time on other Data Portfolio activities


Lunch (Wilson Hall cafeteria) & Lederman Science Center - check out the exhibits, educational materials, and buy some good stuff to bring back home or to your classroom!

1:20 - 2:45

BE AT 327 by 1:15, leave belongings in car

Tour:  ICB (details forthcoming)


Affinity Group work time (327)

  • Additional exploration time

  • If done with portfolio review: work on your implementation plan - revisit the milestones document and pay attention to milestones 3 & 4


All hands

  • Preview of tomorrow 

  • Confirmation of departures for tomorrow

Daily feedback and reflection

After 5:00



Friday, July 15

7:00 - 8:00

Check out of the hotel, keep the receipt (you’ll need to send it in), and bring your luggage with you to the lab.

8:30 - 9:00

All Hands meeting (Training Center)

Zoom Link for virtual folks:

Create an implementation plan and submit it using this form

9:00 - 11:15

Affinity Group work time (Training Center)

Optional - if you finish preparations for your group presentation early, you may choose to do one or more of the following: 

12:00 - 12:45

Group Photo, time 11:30AM,  location: Bubble Chamber at SiDet (map)

Lunch (Wilson Hall cafeteria)

1:00 - 2:45

  • Present to your group (Training Center). If you made a document or lesson plan you’d like to share, save it here

  • Leadership back at home discussion.

  • (optional) Share your contact info for other campers to connect with you later. 

  • FINAL FEEDBACK SURVEY! Please complete this short survey before you leave today.


Clean up Training Center

Here’s what the room should look like


Head back to the hotel or airport or home!! Rides for Departure (updated!)


After the Data Camp

  • Find everything you used during the Data Camp on Google Drive and all of your shared files  here.

 You can:

  • upload your photos for others to see

  • view photos other campers uploaded

  • see and share lessons and resources

  • don’t delete anything, though, since that deletes it for everyone

  • Send in your reimbursement form. An electronic copy is available here.

    • No food receipts. The per diem covers food at a flat rate.

    • No receipts required for anything direct-billed to Notre Dame such as rental car, limo, hotel, flight

    • All other out-of-pocket expenses such as gas for the rental, tolls, parking fees, luggage fees, taxi/Uber, etc. will be reimbursed as long as you provide receipts / proof of payment.


More food for thought….

Designing Groupwork: Strategies for Heterogeneous Classrooms  - using procedural roles to eliminate status issues within groups & developing “group-worthy” tasks.

Nerf Gun Scattering