Update your profile on the QuarkNet site

First, probing questions:

When should I update my profile? 

I knew you'd ask that. You should update your profile:

  • any time there is a change in your contact information, school status, etc.
  • if you get or give up a cosmic ray detector, in which case you should edit that part of your profile.

You should also check it each spring before June 1 to be sure it is all correct and edit it if not.



I knew you'd ask that, too. Your profile information goes into a QuarkNet database that gives us your contact information, your school status, which cosmic ray detector you might have (by DAQ serial number), etc.  Basically, all the stuff we need to keep you active in QuarkNet from the administrative side. We use this information to be able to pay you for workshop/meeting days in your center and report to our funders that you are A-OK.


Next, the How-to:

1. Go to https://quarknet.org. Log in.


2. Under MY STUFF in the menu bar, click MY PROFILE.

3. Click Edit tab.


3. Update the following page. It is rather long, so scroll down to see all the fields. Finally, SAVE.