Fermilab moderators 2018

Moderator Orientations:

CERN, 40-S2-C01 - Salle Curie...Monday 5 February 2018...11:00-13:00 CET...Indico page.

FNAL, WH1E - One East...Monday 5 March 2018...14:00-15:00 CET...Indico page.


Fermilab Masterclass Moderation Schedule

Times are in U.S. Central Time. (Convert to your time zone.) This schedule is subject to change.

Moderator assignments:

Date/time CT Measurement Institutes Moderator(s) Support Location Indico page
Fri 09 Mar/14:00 CMS Rio de Janeiro, Quincy Adelman Glover WH7XO FNAL-CMS-VC01
Sat 10 Mar/14:00 CMS Baltimore, New Brunswick Malik* Glover WH10NW FNAL-CMS-VC02
Sat 10 Mar/15:00 ATLAS Seattle, South Bend A Malik* Glover WH10NW FNAL-ATLAS-VC1
Mon 12 Mar/10:00 CMS Manila, New Jersey schools Suarez Cecire WH6NW FNAL-CMS-VC03
Thu 15 Mar/14:00 ATLAS DeKalb, Stillwater A Norberg Wood WH2NW FNAL-ATLAS-VC2
Fri 16 Mar/20:00 CMS Auckland, Winamac Karmgard*, McDermott* Wood WH2NW FNAL-CMS-VC04
Sat 17 Mar/14:00 ATLAS Mayaguez Martinez Wood WH7XO FNAL-ATLAS-VC3
Sat 17 Mar/15:00 CMS Quito, Williamsburg, Boston Malik* Wood WH7XO FNAL-CMS-VC05
Sat 17 Mar/17:00 ATLAS Santa Cruz Martinez Wood WH7XO FNAL-ATLAS-VC3
Sat 17 Mar/19:00 CMS Honolulu, Shanghai, Northbrook Malik* Wood WH7XO FNAL-CMS-VC-06
Wed 21 Mar/20:00 CMS South Bend B, Qingdao, Tokyo McDermott*, Karmgard* Wegner WH2NW FNAL-CMS-VC07
Sat 24 Mar/14:00 CMS/ATLAS Fairfax, Minneapolis, Houston, Medellin Norberg, Albrow Wegner WH2NE FNAL-CMS-VC08/ATLAS-VC4
Mon 26 Mar/12:00 CMS Rochester, Medford Albrow Cecire WH2NW FNAL-CMS-VC09
Fri 06 Apr/09:00 CMS Santiago de Campostela, Rossville Suarez, Gerber Cecire WH7XO FNAL-CMS-VC10
Fri 06 Apr/14:00 CMS Manhattan KS Chakraborty, Hall Cecire WH7XO FNAL-CMS-VC11
Sat 07 Apr/14:00 CMS Hammond, Mexico City, Austin Maeshima Cecire WH8XO FNAL-CMS-VC12
Sat 07 Apr/15:00 ATLAS Stillwater B Maeshima Cecire WH8XO FNAL-ATLAS-VC5
Mon 16 Apr/15:00 CMS Lead SD Barney Cecire CERN FNAL-CERN-CMS-VC0
Sat 21 Apr/15:00 CMS Knoxville, Buffalo, Colima Parashar Wegner WH7XO FNAL-CMS-VC13
Fri 27 Apr/14:00 (español) ATLAS Bucaramanga UIS, Santiago de Chile, La Plata, Bogotá, Montevideo Suarez*, Martinez Cecire WH7XO FNAL-ATLAS-VC6
Fri 18 May/14:00 (español) ATLAS Bucaramanga UAN, Buenos Aires, Valparaiso, Lima, Cuzco Gerber, Elvira Cecire WH7XO FNAL-ATLAS-VC7

*Possible remote connection.


Access to student results:

ATLAS Z-path CMS WZH-path
OPloT CIMA-Student (open) CIMA-Admin (login/pwd needed)


Basic Videconference Plan

Times and number of Institutes will vary. Revision anticipated by end of Feb 2017.

Time from start Item Remarks
-00:15 Moderators arrive; institutes log in test and establish video and audio connections
+00:00 Start introductions of moderators, institutes, map; warm-up questions
+00:05 Institute 1 results moderator presents; questions and comments
+00:10 Institute 2 results moderator presents; questions and comments
+00:15 Institute 3 results  moderator presents; questions and comments
+00:20 Combined results moderator presents; questions and comments
+00:25 Q&A moderators take questions from students
+00:40 Videoconference ends time varies


Suggestions on how to be an effective Masterclass moderator:
You might know most of this already...but we still need to remind ourselves. Please send in items to add to this list.

  • Speak clearly and succinctly
  • Show your sense of humor
  • Avoid too many explanations: draw ideas from students and then help them
  • When you do explain, keep it short and direct
  • Encourage students to speak up, give their views, and back them up
  • Mind the schedule
  • Be friendly
  • It is alright to disagree...with mentors, students, or each other
  • Let students get a feel for how you see data and analysis
  • Be familiar with the Masterclass measurement
  • Show your enthusiasm
  • Work as a team

Ask these questions of the students:

  • Where are the peaks in the Mass Histogram? What do they represent?
  • Where is Z boson in the plot? What are the other peaks, then?
  • Do you have possible Higgs events in your plot? Where? Can we claim discovery?
  • (CMS only) What do you expect the ratio of electron events to muon events to be? Is your result consistent with this?
  • (CMS only) What is the ratio of W+ to W- bosons? What does this ratio tell us about protons?


Good advice with a CERN slant:


ContactKen Cecire


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