Videoconferences 2018

This page is to help to guide mentors and teachers in planning the masterclass videoconference.




CERN videoconferences




After November  23, consult the CERN videoconference schedule and then contact Uta Bilow.

CERN institutes connect to videoconferences using special links CERN-VC1 and CERN-VC2.

(Para videoconferencias en español con CERN, mira abajo.)




Fermilab videoconferences


Results of doodle poll registrations prior to November 21, 2017:
After November 21, consult the schedule and then contact Ken Cecire.
Fermilab institutes connect to videoconferences through Indico.
Times are in U.S. Central Time. (Convert to your time zone.) This schedule is subject to change.

2018 Tentative Schedule

Date/time CT Measurement Institutes Indico page Moderator(s), Staff Notes
Fri 09 Mar/14:00 CMS WZH Rio de Janeiro, Quincy FNAL-CMS-VC01 Adelman, Glover  
Sat 10 Mar/14:00 CMS WZH Baltimore, New Brunswick FNAL-CMS-VC02 Malik, Glover  
Sat 10 Mar/15:00 ATLAS Z Seattle, South Bend A FNAL-ATLAS-VC1 Malik, Glover  
Mon 12 Mar/10:00 CMS WZH Manila, New Jersey schools FNAL-CMS-VC03 Suarez, Cecire  
Thu 15 Mar/14:00 ATLAS Z DeKalb, Stillwater A FNAL-ATLAS-VC2 Norberg, Wood  
Fri 16 Mar/20:00 CMS WZH Auckland, Winamac FNAL-CMS-VC04 McDermott, Karmgard, Wood  
Sat 17 Mar/14:00 ATLAS Z Mayagüez FNAL-ATLAS-VC3 Martinez, Wood  
Sat 17 Mar/15:00 CMS WZH Quito, Williamsburg, Boston FNAL-CMS-VC05 Malik, Wood  
Sat 17 Mar/17:00 ATLAS Z Santa Cruz FNAL-ATLAS-VC3 Martinez, Wood  
Sat 17 Mar/19:00 CMS WZH Honolulu, Shanghai, Northbrook FNAL-CMS-VC-06 Malik, Wood  
Wed 21 Mar/20:00 CMS WZH South Bend B, Qingdao, Tokyo FNAL-CMS-VC07 Karmgard, McDermott, Wegner  
Sat 24 Mar/14:00 CMS/ATLAS Fairfax, Minneapolis, Houston, Medellin FNAL-CMS-VC08/ATLAS-VC4 Norberg, Albrow, Wegner  
Mon 26 Mar/12:00 CMS WZH Rochester, Medford FNAL-CMS-VC09 Albrow, Cecire  
Fri 06 Apr/09:00 CMS WZH Santiago de Campostela, Rossville FNAL-CMS-VC10 Suarez, Gerber, Cecire  
Fri 06 Apr/14:00 CMS WZH Manhattan KS FNAL-CMS-VC11 Chakraborty, Hall, Cecire  
Sat 07 Apr/14:00 CMS WZH Hammond, Mexico City, Austin FNAL-CMS-VC12 Maeshima, Cecire  
Sat 07 Apr/15:00 ATLAS Z Stillwater B FNAL-ATLAS-VC5 Maeshima, Cecire  
Mon 16 Apr/15:00 CMS WZH Lead SD FNAL-CERN-CMS-VC0 Barney, Cecire CERN
Sat 21 Apr/15:00 CMS WZH Knoxville, Buffalo, Colima FNAL-CMS-VC13 Parashar, Wegner  

Map of Fermilab Masterclass Institutes




Videoconferencias especiales en español (medidas de ATLAS Z)

Día/hora CT Institutos Paquina de Indico Moderadores (centro) Notas
Viernes, 27 de Abril/14:00 Bucaramanga UIS, Santiago de Chile, La Plata, Bogota, Montevideo FNAL-ATLAS-VC6 Suarez, Marinez, Cecire  
Viernes, 18 de Mayo/14:00 Bucaramanga UAN, Buenos Aires, Valparaiso, Lima, Cuzco FNAL-ATLAS-VC7 Gerber, Elvira, Cecire  





TRIUMF Videoconference


Please note! One day, one event! If this day does not work for you, please try CERN or Fermilab.
TRIUMF institutes connect to videoconferences through indico.

2017 Schedule - last edit 30 Nov 2016

Date/time PT Measurement Institutes Indico page Notes
Sat 14 Apr/15:00 ATLAS Z UBC, UVic, SFU  TRIUMF-ATLAS-VC0  



Moderators 2018

CERN moderators

Fermilab moderators 2018:

Jahred Adelman

Northern Illinois University,


Mike Albrow



Dhiman Chakraborty

Northern Illinois University


Daniel Elvira



Cecilia E. Gerber

University of Illinois-Chicago,


Dan Karmgard

Notre Dame,


Kaori Maeshima



Sudhir Malik

Univ of Puerto Rico Maygüez,


Cristina Ana Mantilla Suarez

Johns Hopkins University,


David Martinez

Illinois Institute of Technology,


Danielle McDermott

Pacific University,

Condensed Matter

Scarlet Norberg

Univ of Puerto Rico Mayagüez,


Neeti Parashar

Purdue University Northwest,


Allie Reinsvold Hall

Notre Dame,



Kenneth Cecire

University of Notre Dame

QuarkNet staff

Marla Glover

Rossville High School

QuarkNet fellow

Jeremy Wegner

Winamac Community High School

QuarkNet fellow

Shane Wood

University of Minnesota

QuarkNet staff




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