Guide to Teacher Implementation Plan Development


You will be able to:

  • Use the Curriculum Topics pull-down to locate activities related to your curriculum plan.
  • Identify science and/or engineering practices to incorporate into your curriculum plan.
  • Select an activity or series of activities to implement with your students.
  • Describe how your plan will fit into one or more of the courses you teach.
  • Identify ways to adapt the content and skills covered in the Data Activities Portfolio to suit your setting.

Create a Plan

  1. Take a tour of the Data Activities Portfolio. Be sure to sort by strand, and/or level and curriculum topic. Check out these slides and this screencast for more information. You can use activities from this workshop as a starting place in your thinking. 
  2. Answer this question on your own: What science and/or engineering practices do you want to try with your students?
  3. Join a group and discuss your responses to the following items:
    1. List 1-2 activities you plan to implement with your students.
    2. Describe how you will implement the chosen activity or series of activities. Include where this activity might fit into your existing curriculum plan.
    3. Are there any cross-curricular applications?
    4. Suggest other ways you may use content and skills covered in the activities you have reviewed.
  4. Capture/record responses. Post a link to these on your workshop agenda page (not this page) for easy reference. 
    1. Picture - of paper or document
    2. Slides - Ppt or Google, etc.
    3. Video (interview?)
    4. Flipgrid
    5. Link on agenda page (not this page)
  5. Complete teacher survey or teacher survey update.