How can we distinguish between different user roles in the QuarkNet site?

There are four basic user roles. Let's look at each of them.

  1. Site Admin: This role is pretty much reserved for QuarkNet staff. A site admin can write and edit in any part of the QuarkNet site and can add and delete users as well as set their level of use.
  2. Center Admin: A Center Admin is a mentor or a teacher who takes a leadership role at a center. A Center Admin can add an exisiting user to his or her center group and can add, delete, and edit content within that group.
  3. Teacher: Most  users are in the Teacher role. Teachers can add, delete, and edit content within a group to which they belong. Generally, this is their center group but they may also belong to other pupose-based groups (e.g. LHC Fellows).
  4. Non-Teacher: This is actually similar to a teacher account but is reserved for people who need access but do not teacher, e.g. evaluators.
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