Implementation of Workshop Ideas 2016

We are going to do.......

  • How can we implement this in our classroom?

  • Something something about the P waves giving students a better idea about the structure of the interior of the Earth.

    • Insert reference to: reflection, refraction, diffusion, different types of waves, wave mechanics, etc

    • Change of wave speed in various mediums

  • Use LIGO to discuss Gravity waves and extend that discussion to wave mechanics.

    • Light, its behavior, etc.

    • Spacetime

  • LIGO Data can also be used for independent research projects to get students involved.

  • I made this long ago: LIGO Activity

  • Can be used to introduce and practice basic scientific method research method(s).

  • Sometimes I like to throw deep ideas at the kids and make their heads hurt

  • Use given resources to describe how Gravity is described as a wave

  • Introduce what an interferometer is and how it is used at LIGO. Interferometers are used on spacecraft in the solar system.

  • Use lasers to demonstrate reflection, deflection

  • The LIGO and Cosmic e-labs lend themselves to studies the students come up with themselves.  Could easily be used for extended studies.

  • Use in the discussion of orbiting binary stars, neutron stars, supernovas...

  • LIGO Class Activities