Johns Hopkins QuarkNet annual report 2021

QuarkNet 2021

Johns Hopkins University


Jeremy Smith, Kevin Martz and Morris Swartz worked together to plan and implement the workshop, with the help from many at Johns Hopkins University and QuarkNet.

The workshop format was talks in the morning and lab activities in the afternoon. The theme that was chosen was astrophysics. We worked with teachers on using astrophysics in the classroom. Activities were planned and chosen to present teachers with different ideas and approaches to this topic. Many teachers include some aspects of astronomy in their curriculum, and many astrophysics principles can be taught to high school students.


From the particle physics group, Petar Maksimovic gave a talk on How We Discover Things, referring to physics beyond the standard model. Andrei Gritsan gave a presentation on the Higgs field. Dr Surjeet Rajendran gave a talk about gravitational waves. Nima Arkani-Hamed spoke about chaos and order, darkness and light.  Later in the week, Dr Eugenia Etkina gave a talk about teaching high school physics in light of the new NGSS Physics curriculum. We look forward to more collaborations with her and how we can best serve our group members.