Last Day of the 2018 Workshop: The Friday Agenda

Agenda Last Day of the 2018 Workshop


9am  Coffee, introductions

  • inventory of Cosmic Ray Detectors (don't forget to bring yours!)
  • set up in BRK120

9h15 Cosmic Ray Detectors - discussion on the Eclipse data and the potential of other measurements with CRs

10h break

10h15 Talk: The Hottest Thing in the Universe (Frank Geurts)

11h15 Talk: Recap of the Greece Inspiring Science Education (ISE) Workshop (Julie Bell)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Work on Cosmic Ray Detectors (BRK 120) and/or visit Particle Chamber (Leo Viullareal) exhibit at Rice's Moody Center for The Arts

15:00 Wrap-up

  • Planning for Master Classes
  • Saturday Morning Physics lectures
  • Q&A

16:00 End of day