LHC fellows work session, 5-7 August 2016


Overall schedule:

  • Friday 5 August:
    • 09:00-12:00 CT at Fermilab
    • 13:00-18:00 CT go to work in Chicago
  • Satuarday 6 August, 09:00-17:00 CT at Fermilab
  • Sunday, 7 August in Chicago - see special [email protected] agenda

To do list:

We will set priorities each morning and divde the work up by small teams, checking in with each other frequently and reporting at the end of the day. We will not likely get everything done but we will make a real, helpful progress.. 

Notes from Sudha Balakrishnan on needed items for CMS e-Lab:

  • Milestones:  Choose a study.  BTW, the logbook will be inaccurate until all the Milestones are fixed.  
  • Milestones:  Select Data.
  • Milestone:  Choose appropriate analysis tool.
  • http://i2u2-dev.crc.nd.edu/elab/cms/data/ (Index page when you click 'Data').  Does this need any change?  Is it ok as-is on dev?
  • Library-Resources section:
    • Calibration Studies screencast - remove?  
    • Exploration Studies screencast - replace?
    • 3-D Event Display screencast - is it up to date?
  • Contextual Help with the Analysis, like we have with the current version (under the Help question mark)?  In dev, it seems to be on the page, but it goes to the old screencasts.  cms/videos/demo-exploration.html provides access to 4 different videos.  
  • Site index:  There's no calibration anymore.  
  • Explore! page needs to be updated.
  • Site Tips:  Update special icons, like 'Help?'.

Enter your suggestions as a Comment below or in this Google Sheet.

Who will be here when:

Who Fri 5 Aug Sat 6 Aug Sun 7 Aug
Cecire X X X
Dower X X X
Glover X X X
Sedita   X X
Smith   X X
Wood X X X


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