May 20 Fellows what we did ---now the 21st

Discussed expanding and improving masterclasses.

brainstorming on coding possiblilities for level 4 LHC actitivies

Poked around (found bugs) in CMS e-Lab.   Brainstorming organizing of using the new interface in workshops and explorations.


still need


and the rest of the agenda



30 hrs in a day



Day 2

still working on the specs.....but did video conference with Tom McCauley and Joel Griffith on CIMA, ISpy,  CMS elab and data sets....talked about Adam's Level 4 activity with IT team

Still need to do lots of stuff with neutrinos

Ligo----discussed topics for the data strand....specific ideas for specific ideas activities to be worked on future

Started coverage plans for summer work

did not look at templeates for workshops


need to do

Workshop coverage,

Templetate update for CMS elab

Neutrino MasterCalss

Complete Ligo activities