NuOrientation 2024



Masterclass Orientation

If your instituion is new to masterclasses or to the flavor of masterclass you intend pursue, a full orientation is in order. A masterclass orienation can be done online via Zoom or in person with a visit from a QuarkNet staff member or fellow. It is intended for teachers and mentors. Here is what is covered:

  • Classroom prep for the masterclass
  • Try out a MINERvA or NOvA masterclass measurement
  • Walk-through of masterclass logistics
  • Masterclass Library
  • Zoom test
  • Q&A

This generally takes 1-3 hours, though it can be trimmed or extended depending on need. If you have had a MINERvA Data Workshop in the past year, it counts as an orientation. If you had one previous to this, you may still need an orientation update, which generally takes one hour..

Institutions in NOvA masterclasses need a full orientation as this is a new measurement.



Experienced Institutes: Orientation Updates

An orientation update is to bring teachers and mentors up to speed on the latest in masterclass measurements and procedures. As orientation updates are done online, they also serve as Zoom tests. Orientation updates take 1-2 hours.


Orientation Schedule 2024

Start time in CT and facilitator in parentheses. Nota bene: we can accommodate days and times not yet shown on this schedule. 

Date 2024 MINERvA Orientation  NOvA Orientation Zoom Link: Notes/Remarks
Mon 19 Feb Durham - 8:00 CST (Wood, Pasero)  

MINERvA Zoom link

Wed 21 Feb   Buffalo, Curitiba, Fort Collins - 16:00 CST (Wood, Pasero) NOvA Zoom Link
Sat 24 Feb   Puerto Colombia - 09:00 CST (Wood) NOvA Zoom Link  
Mon 26 Feb Irvine - 17:00 CST (Wood)   MINERvA Zoom link  
Sat 2 Mar Mayaguez* (Sedita)      
        Practice Sheet

* Site visit.