NuOrientation 2019



New Institutes: Masterclass Orientation

A masterclass orienation can be done online via Zoom or in person with a visit from a QuarkNet staff member or fellow. It is intended for teachers and mentors. Here is what is covered:

  • Classroom prep for the masterclass
  • Try out a MINERvA neutrino masterclass measurement
  • Walk-through of masterclass logistics
  • Masterclass Library
  • Zoom test
  • Q&A

This generally takes 3-6 hours, though it can be trimmed or extended depending on needed. If you are doing a MINERvA Data Workshop in the masterclass orientation period, it counts as an orientation. If you had one previous to this, you may still need an orientation update .

Register for Masterclass Orientation on the Google form at least one week prior to your earliest preferred date!



Orientation Schedule

Orientation Indico Page:

Start time in CT and facilitator in parentheses. New registrants: we can accommodate days and times not yet shown on this schedule.

Date 2019 Orientation Institute and Time (CT) Notes/Remarks
Mon 18 Feb UniAtlantico (08:00) 09:00 Colombia
Sat 23 Feb FNAL (17:00)  
Mon 25 Feb IFIC Valencia (09:00), Rochester (14:00), 16&21 CET, 10&15 ET
Fri 01 Mar UPRM-dg (11:30), Qingdao (18:00) Qingdao 08:00 next day
Sat 02 Mar Minneapolis (09:00)  
Sat 09 Mar    
Sat 16 Mar UPRM-todos (2:30)  
Sat 23 Mar Fairfax (08:00)  
Sat 30 Mar Fort Collins (10:30)  

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