Posting Across Multiple Groups

Tip: Whenever you preview your post, the information in Groups (and Groups only....) is reset. I hope this will save a lot of frustrated re-editing of posts.

Sometimes you want to write a post and have it show in several groups you are a part of, and allow the comments to do the same. This is very simple. Once finished writing your post, click on the Groups tab under the Body section.



Now choose the groups that you would like the post to be a part of, and click Save. As stated in the tip, if you click Preview, the information on the Audience will be reset to the group your posting in only.


Note: The main reason I made this post is because I noticed that Groups reset when you previewed your post...and I easily saw that frustrating me, so decided to share the finding. It is good to note that your Menu settings and your File attachments do not reset, only Groups.