QuarkNet-ILC Sendai, June 2014

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Student Workshop 

June 11-12 at Sendai Dai-Ichi High School


  • Learn how to take, upload, and bless cosmic ray data
  • Build capacity in CR studies
  • Gain excitement about ILC
  • Build capacity in finding, sorting Higgs events in ILC simulation
  • Compare and discuss results of scientific investigation


Tentative Agenda:

Wednesday June 11

Time Activity
14:45 ILC presentation
15:40 Break
16:00 Students begin taking cosmic ray data
16:15 Student presentations, followed by discussion
18:00 Upload data, discuss blessing, start new data run
18:45 Finished for the day

Thursday June 12

Time Activity
10:50 ILC activity, group A
11:55 ILC activity, group B
12:50 Break
13:40 ILC activity, group C
14:45 ILC activity, group D
15:40 Break
16:00 Experiment with detector and e-Lab
17:00 Final discussion
17:30 End of workshop


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