QuarkNet Summer Workshop at William and Mary 2023

Small Hall, College of William and Mary

August 3 and 4, 2023

Short URL for this page: https://cern.ch/qn-wm23.





Wednesday August 2 - established QuarkNet members - planning day

Time Activity Resources Presenter/Leader
9:00 am Coffee and Sign-in    all
9:30  Planning for new QN teacher activities   all
12:00 noon Walk to lunch   all
1:30 More planning and discussion   all
3:00pm Cloud chamber test    Horn
4:00pm Conclude for the day   all


Thursday August 3

Time Activity Resources Presenter/Leader
9:00 am Coffee and particle cards Shuffling the Particle Deck all
9:30  Introductions and expections   all
10:00 Intro to QuarkNet slides, quarknet.org Niland and Cecire
10:30 Break    
10:45 Cloud chambers  Making Tracks 1, Joe's cloud chamber videos 1, 2, and 3 Niland and Horn
12:00 noon Lunch What particle are you?  
1:00 pm How to use Quarket in Honors or at-level Physics Rolling with Rutherford Fehr and Niland
2:00 Break    
2:15 QuarkNet in AP Physics Calculate the Z mass, add vectors Fetsko and Gallo
3:15 New teacher selected topic and using sports to teach physics sphero, python intro, medical physics Niland et al
4:00 pm Conclude for the day    

Friday August 4

Time Activity Resources Presenter/Leader
9:00 am Coffee and follow-up   all
9:30 am Neutrino Remote Lecture w/VT and Virtual Groups recording, slides, The Ghost Particle Mariani
10:30 Break    
10:45 Intro to W2D2 and Masterclass W2D2, IMC Niland, Fetsko
12:00 noon Lunch    
1:00 pm Teacher Data Analysis and Graphing   Niland, Fetsko
1:30  Overview of Particle Physics   Erlich
2:15 Break    
2:30 Implementation plans template Maria et al
3:30 Survey and future planning survey all
4:00 pm Workshop Conclusion