Session 4 Links, Materials, Assignment

Beyond the Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider

July 22, 2020

7pm - 9pm Eastern time

Learning objectives: In this lecture, we will discuss how physicists use the LHC to search for evidence of new physics. We will briefly talk about prospects for future colliders after the LHC.

Homework assignment (due July 22):

  1. Look up a recent CMS or ATLAS result that you find interesting. Make a one-slide summary to share in breakout groups next week. 

    ATLAS results:  
    CMS results:

    Questions to answer in your slide:

    • What was the goal of this analysis and why is it significant? Is this a search for new physics or a precision measurement of a predicted Standard Model result?
    • What particles were used in the analysis? Does the summary describe the methods or challenges of this analysis?
    • What is the result?
  2. Read Gizmodo article about the importance of "finding nothing":
  3. Fill out the weekly course survey (link sent via email). Note that this step is required every week in order to self-report the number of hours spent so we can give you professional development credit. Please give me any feedback that would help make this course useful for you! 

The homework should take approximately one hour to complete.

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