Summer Workshop 2023 at OU

Lin Hall 105

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Oklahoma

July 24-26, 2023


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Before you come:

Monday July 24 Tuesday July 25 Wednesday July 26

09:00   Coffee, Introductions, and Registration

09:15   QuarkNet Today

09:45  Particle Physics in a Nutshell, Dr. Tao Xu, University of Oklahoma (slides)


10:45   Break

11:00   Introduction to Neutrinos, Dr. K.S. Babu, Oklahoma State University (slides)





12:00   Lunch

13:30  New Questions Warm-up 


14:15   W-bosons 1: Lepton Universality


15:00   Break

15:15   W bosons 2: Mass confusion


16:30 End of day

09:00 Review and Reflection

09:15  The muon has its moment

10:15   Break

10:30   Refocus: All Things Neutrino

  • All things neutrino report-out
  • Presentation

11:15   The Case of the Missing Neutrino

12:00   Lunch

13:30   Neutrino Masterclass measurement (take break as needed)

 Part 1A: Far Detector CC/"NuMu" Events

  • CC/"NuMu" Images - link <-- Measure here
  • CC/"NuMu" Report Track Lengths - link <-- Record here
  • Results of track length reporting form <-- View together

Part 1B: Far Detector NC Events

 Part 2: Near Detector Events - use coding notebooks (begin)

Discuss: Did we see evidence of neutrino oscillation? What is your reasoning?

 Concluding video: How Neutrino Oscillations Work - From Even Bananas

16:00  Masterclass discussion and reflection

16:30 End of day

09:00 Tour: History of Science Collection






10:15   Recap and reflection


10:45   Break

11:00   Share-a-thon (notes)





12:00   Lunch

13:30   Implementation plans




14:15  Presentations








15:00   Center business meeting





16:00   Final discussion and reflection

16:30   End of workshop 



Ken Cecire

Joe Haley

John Stupak

Shane Wood